Most Used Free Photo Editing Software

It seems that the future holds more and more internet use. More specifically a huge increase in mobile internet use. Social media seems to play a big part and photos are a major part of social media. More photos are taken than ever before and more people have taken to photo editing. If you are looking for a skill to learn that is definitely in demand and that will soon be a necessity. Then photo editing is something to consider.

The sooner you get a head start learning the ins and outs of editing the faster off you will be to making money. Well obviously the standard and most used photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop and we know that although editing can make you money, you may not have the money to purchase a creative cloud subscription right now.

So we decided to give you some free options to check out. Although not as comprehensive as Photoshop (some actually are really close), these softwares will get you up and running. These are only a short list of options as there are countless options out there.

What better way than to start of the list with one of the most well known free competitors to photoshop. Free and a serious competitor GIMP is also one of the oldest free editing softwares around. It is packed with many features and can compete with many paid apps and softwares. If you are strapped for cash this is one to really consider. It may not look super nice or flashy but for general use it will definitely get the job done.

If you are looking for something more basic. Something without as much effort to learn because you simply don’t need to get to in depth with you editing, then consider Paint.Net. It is geared towards computers with less power, it requires far less memory than other editing counter parts. Its graphical interface is much like that of microsofts original paint program. Making it easy for anyone who has ever been bored and opened up paint just to try out a few things. Some might say this is a bad choice and that it is lacking. We like to think it is perfectly suited for its intended purpose.

If you have ever seen or used photoshop before. The off chance that you used it at a friends house or once or twice in school and you got used to looking at the classic grey interface of photoshop. Then Pixlr Editor and Photo Pos Pro are definitely going to be easy on the eyes. They both fall under the category of Photoshop clone(somewhat). What is the difference you might be asking? Well one is totally web based mean while the other is actually a desktop software. If you want to have on the go accessibility to a photoshop style setup including Gui, then Pixlr is for you. On the other hand if you have a bigger need and have a powerful pc ready to tackle a massive amount of memory and graphics use then Photo Pos will definitely suit you.

With each one of these offering varying levels of commitment or features it its best to try them all out. It’s not like you will be losing any money. Most have options that you can tweak to personalize them to your liking. Perhaps you might set up a combo of editing softwares to use. The same way adobe offers photoshop for major editing and lightroom for simple corrections and editing.