Save Money By Maintaining Your Car

Owners Manual MaintenanceCar Maintenance for Beginners 

Chances are, that when you were born, you had no idea what cars were, you probably didn’t 
understand what exactly cars did until you grew up a bit. Until people come of age or come to 
need to drive themselves around, it does not seem important to learn to take care of your car.  
But now more than ever with the availability of the internet you can learn anything. With this 
guide, you will understand the of your car. And if you take an interest in doing general 
maintenance on your car you might just save yourself some money and even make money if you 
decide to make it your career path. 
A few things to do and check before you drive 
Buy an owner’s manual and service manual if you don’t have one already. It’s important to 
have the owner’s manual to your vehicle as it can help you figure out everything about your car. 
There is so much information in an owner’s manual that it should be consulted before taking it 
to a mechanic for a problem you could solve yourself. A service manual is different and usually 
applies to a wide range of years of any car line, i.e. Ford F-150 from 1980-1996 (this is merely an 
example). These service manuals help people save money by showing them step by step exactly 
how to do a plethora of services to their vehicles.
You should keep your windows clean because having dirty windows is a safety hazard. If you 
don’t have a squeegee, you will most likely find one with towels and soapy water at any gas 
station. But if you can’t wait until you get to a gas station then I would recommend spraying 
your car down so that you can get most of the dead insects and dirt from your windshield. 
Make sure your windshield wipers are intact. A good test to do other than looking at them for 
damage is examining their actual usefulness with windshield wiping fluid. Use your car’s 
apparatus to release wiper fluid and see for yourself if your windshield wipers are doing their 
job. Take an Uber or Lyft to your local AutoZone and buy some. All you need to know is your 
car’s model number, make (or brand), and year so that one of the employees of your auto parts 
can find the part you need. If you would like to take it up a notch you can look up the parts 
yourself as there is plenty of helpful resources on parts on the internet. 
Check your lights from time to time to avoid a ticket for a failing if not broken light. Fix it tickets 
might not seem too expensive but why risk getting a ticket if you can do something about it. 
You’ll be beating yourself over the head knowing you could have done something about it. 
While you check your headlights, you should point them towards a wall or physical object to see 
if either of them is dim which suggests you might want to replace them or restore the plastic 
compartments holding the lightbulb so that it shines through better. You should do the same for 
your high beams and make sure your other lights work. Have someone help you check your 
reverse lights as you might not be able to see them. 
Always check your tire pressure while your car has been sitting to get an accurate reading. 
Having proper tire pressure improves handling, and gas mileage. Due to fluctuating 
temperatures while driving your car, you wouldn’t get an accurate reading so you need to take 
the pressure reading while your car has been sitting a while. There are analog tire pressure 
gauges that let you read the tire pressure by sticking them onto the tire’s hole where you pump 
air into them. There are also digital pressure gauges for even more accurate readings. There is a 
sticker on the driver’s door somewhere along the edge where the door closes that has the 
recommended pressure for the stock tires 
If you have custom tires, you should look at the tire for their recommendations.  
Check your oil to make sure it’s not low because gas mileage goes down and increases your 
chances of burning out your engine on a long drive in the desert. What oil does is lubricate 
moving parts of your engine, and forgetting causes the engine to run at extremely elevated 
temperatures which in turn cause damage through wear and tear. It’s best to check while the 
engine is cold because the oil can shoot out due to pressure from hot temperatures. 
For most cars, you can check the oil level by popping the hood and locating the engine oil cap 
and oil dipstick. Have a paper towel ready and pull out the dipstick assuming your car is cold. 
Wipe down the dipstick and insert it again to get a more accurate reading. Pull it out a second 
time and you should see either two lines, two small dots, or two small holes near the end of the 
dipstick marking the maximum and minimum amount of oil. The minimum is the line closest to 
the tip of the dipstick while the other line is the maximum. If your car’s oil is in between those 
markers then your car is doing alright. You should put only a quart at a time as you might overfill 
if you put more than that. When it comes to the type of oil that you should put, I recommend 
looking for your model, make, and year online or going to an auto parts salesman for help 
deciding. Depending on your mileage you might want to buy oil that’s better suited for that.  
Change your oil according to your owner’s manual’s recommended maintenance schedule. The  
book should indicate after how many miles or years you should change your oil. You should be 
keeping track of your mileage in between oil changes because you might just be wearing your 
car down. It is recommended to change oil every 3,000 – 7,000 miles
depends on the car make, year, and model to decide to change your oil because some cars boast not 
needing an oil change until they hit 15,000 but that could easily be a result of using the more expensive 
synthetic oil. There is regular oil and then there’s synthetic oil which helps your engine perform better 
and last longer. When you change the oil, you should also to change the oil filter depending on the 
mileage it says it can handle. Considering your specific car model will give you the best results when it 
comes to changing the oil and its filter.  
Listen to your car 
While you drive you should turn down the music and listen to your engine. It’s easy to notice weird 
noises that would indicate if your car’s engine needs a tune up. Keeping all this information in mind will 
help you keep your car alive and well for many years to come. This will also save you a pretty penny 
down the line. 

Most Used Free Photo Editing Software

It seems that the future holds more and more internet use. More specifically a huge increase in mobile internet use. Social media seems to play a big part and photos are a major part of social media. More photos are taken than ever before and more people have taken to photo editing. If you are looking for a skill to learn that is definitely in demand and that will soon be a necessity. Then photo editing is something to consider.

The sooner you get a head start learning the ins and outs of editing the faster off you will be to making money. Well obviously the standard and most used photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop and we know that although editing can make you money, you may not have the money to purchase a creative cloud subscription right now.

So we decided to give you some free options to check out. Although not as comprehensive as Photoshop (some actually are really close), these softwares will get you up and running. These are only a short list of options as there are countless options out there.

What better way than to start of the list with one of the most well known free competitors to photoshop. Free and a serious competitor GIMP is also one of the oldest free editing softwares around. It is packed with many features and can compete with many paid apps and softwares. If you are strapped for cash this is one to really consider. It may not look super nice or flashy but for general use it will definitely get the job done.

If you are looking for something more basic. Something without as much effort to learn because you simply don’t need to get to in depth with you editing, then consider Paint.Net. It is geared towards computers with less power, it requires far less memory than other editing counter parts. Its graphical interface is much like that of microsofts original paint program. Making it easy for anyone who has ever been bored and opened up paint just to try out a few things. Some might say this is a bad choice and that it is lacking. We like to think it is perfectly suited for its intended purpose.

If you have ever seen or used photoshop before. The off chance that you used it at a friends house or once or twice in school and you got used to looking at the classic grey interface of photoshop. Then Pixlr Editor and Photo Pos Pro are definitely going to be easy on the eyes. They both fall under the category of Photoshop clone(somewhat). What is the difference you might be asking? Well one is totally web based mean while the other is actually a desktop software. If you want to have on the go accessibility to a photoshop style setup including Gui, then Pixlr is for you. On the other hand if you have a bigger need and have a powerful pc ready to tackle a massive amount of memory and graphics use then Photo Pos will definitely suit you.

With each one of these offering varying levels of commitment or features it its best to try them all out. It’s not like you will be losing any money. Most have options that you can tweak to personalize them to your liking. Perhaps you might set up a combo of editing softwares to use. The same way adobe offers photoshop for major editing and lightroom for simple corrections and editing.

Learn These Languages and Earn More

We all know English is the language most spoken international for academia, business and vacation. The truth is being a true monolingual, native speaker of English may actually put you through the ringer in your job search and at a significant disadvantage. No knowing only one language simply will not due!

The world and its companies and the whole business industry are so intertwined and associated than in the past, and successful business people should be capable of mixing culture and languages with different types of people. Not just does knowing a second language provide many mental gains, such as a lower risk for Alzheimer’s and better brain function s, but nevertheless, it will give you a lot more credibility and an advantage in business over monolingual speakers. Learn a second language from the list below and just watch as you increase your business and profits.

It’s often taken for granted as the language of lovers but can be a very useful  language when it, come to business. It’s perhaps not astonishing that French was once the leading language at one point in history. But why would it be? French was the world dominating vocabulary before the limelight was stolen by British. It’s talked in more than 40 nations in the world, including two G-8 countries, it also reigns over many websites online, coming in online second online after you already guessed it English. If you’re expecting to invade the euro market , make sure you say oui to learning French!

It’s a leading language in business. Happens to be the official and preferred language in more than twenty multi cultured countries, making it acceptable for national and international company in the United States. Not only is it preferred in other countries but by American college students and by high schools through the country. Seeing as it is widely available throughout the united states you might considered this language if you plan on being successful at business.

Is good for business. That is if you are trying to break into the robotics, electronics or animation scene. Japanese is regard as a hard language for English speakers. This is partially due to the fact that it has three alphabetic systems, If you are passionate about any of the major Japanese industries then this is where you should start.

4. Mandarin
Together With the world’s 2nd-biggest nearly one-billion native speakers and economy, understanding it you will be granted tons of opportunities that are amazing by the people in China along with other countries in Asia. It is among the most difficult languages for native English speakers to learn. If you are able to learn it, it ought to raise a number of eyebrows in a meeting or in an event.

5. German
Although not as widely used by many countries, this language is useful as it is the main language in the major European countries.  The heavy sounds and raspyness aren’t so bad when you know how to speak the language.Plus, it shouldn’t be that hard for English speakers as it has many similarities due to both languages having an origin in Anglo.

6.Computer Programming Languages

OK, so individuals don’t exactly speak to their computers (unless it crashes in the absolute worst period and you also start howling at it!), but understanding a couple of encoding dialects can certainly improve your marketability, particularly if you’d like to work for the countless startups blossoming over in Silicon. Whether it’s C, Java Script, Perl or HTML, they’re not extremely difficult to learn and you don’t have to worry about sounding funny or having a bad accent.

7. Arabic — This language you will find over 300 million Arabic speakers on the planet, and this can be definitely an “important” one if you’re in the crude oil or defense business. With a combined GDP of $600 billion in the Arab world, its definitely worth looking into. Mastering it can make you a lot more than a pretty penny.

The Internet Is Full Of Money

Hello and welcome to Astrobasis. Do you like cheese? We love cheese. That’s why our goal here is to shot for the stars in any online money making venture. We like to think of the internet as our basis for money making. Soon enough you will to. With this guide on how to make money online.

Online Money MakingLearn How The Internet Can Make You Money.

There are plenty of things you should consider before you begin. If you dedicate your time to learning all about the different ways people use the internet you will have a better chance of making cash fast. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind, so that you can get started off on the right path to financial success online.

Before we actually start we want to give you a quick warning to be wary of certain sites and offers as there is no shortage of scams. Not every opportunity that crosses your path is real many make false promises. Before working with any site or company read about them before you choose to partner up with them.

Now to start. Think about what you are  already interested in and what you are good at when thinking about how you will earn money on the internet. Do you have a flair for writing? You can sell your articles online or freelance for companies who want you to write for them. Have you ever used Photoshop or any other design software? There are plenty of websites and companies who will pay you to make logos and graphics for their websites and blogs. if you are neither good at writing or designing its okay. The point here is retrospection. The more you think about what you are good at the sooner you can find something that suits you to start making money online.

If you do enjoy writing. You would be doing your self a favor if you checked out freelance writing sites. Two good potential sites are InfoBarrel and Squidoo. You can write about many subjects or narrow down to your favorite subjects and split the revenue that comes in. Both of these sites also allow you to be an affiliate marketer as part of a program they have with amazon to increase your earning potential.

Organize your days as you would if you had a job at an office. From setting up a work station to setting a schedule of work hours. You’ll need to be on a similar schedule at least in the beginning in order to keep bringing in the money. You might get frustrated if you intended to get rich fast. It is possible but you have tons of learning to do and a lot of work. Set a schedule and stick to it. Whenever you have free time try and dedicate it to your online ventures. Every single hour counts, in the end they all add up.

Take a look at survey work. There are a variety of sites offering money in exchange for filling out surveys. This is a good way to maintain a steady income in case you don’t have much money coming in from other sources. Although one single survey will not net you much money, after a handful of surveys you start to notice how there is money in mastering the art of survey taking. They are fairly easy and with enough practice you can find methods to almost automate your earnings.

Say during your ventures you find a business that you are willing to work for and you know for a fact they are a real business, expect that they will ask you for your ID and SSN number before you get a chance to work for them. A lot of these companies that allow you to telecommute will have the same prerequisites if not some that rare very similar. You should have all your legal forms of identification at hand to be able to digitally verify who you are. The more prepared you are the more you streamline the process

Flipping domain names is kind of an art form for some and a tedious waste of time for others. The thing is you can make some major cash flipping domains but you need to have patients and become really good at analytics and logistics. Also this isn’t something to consider unless you have some money saved up already. This can become a really pricey way to make money. It is essentially the real estate of the web. To start off you will need to find out what is trending. Look at the most recently used keywords by using a site such as Google Adsense. Domains with acronyms tend to be a good buy and even better sell. If you master how to flip domains soon enough you wont even need to worry about surveys, articles or even designing.

With regards to scamers, do not ever pay someone only to start making money. This might sound controversial as we just talked about flipping domains, but just hear us out. When you flip domains you take matters into your own hands and decided you wanted to invest. When a company tries to force you to pay to get a spot working for them. That’s a definite red flag. If a business wants new workers they wouldn’t ask for money upfront. Any marketer knows that. They know they stand to gain far more buy paying there workers pennies per every dollar they make. This is why we automatically assume anybody asking for money upfront is a scam. It may not always be true but we wouldn’t take that chance. So for your safety we advise you to stay away.

More ideas to make some dough include, e-publishing, direct affiliate marketing, captcha solving, and online trading.Try trading in online markets like Forex. Once again if you have noticed a trend here most of the better paying option will include a lot of analytical work and the easier methods will earn you a whole lot less.

Now that you have all these great places to get started making some cash. Go off and see what works best for you. At first it may be very exiting and then you will hit a slump and think that it will never work for you. Just make sure you don’t give up but better yet make sure you aren’t aiming for the wrong goals. If all you want is to not have a day job, be rich, or stay hidden away in your room, then you might realize you aren’t going to be satisfied with online work. Aim to understand how it all works first and soon enough it will pay off. Remember Patience, persistence and determination.